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Jordy LeiserJordy Leiser, Co-founder and CEO of StellaService
Jordy Leiser co-founded StellaService in 2010 with fellow Bucknellian John Ernsberger. After graduating from Bucknell in 2006, Jordy worked as an analyst for J. P. Morgan. Returning to Lewisburg, he and John assisted Bucknell in creating its small business incubator, while launching the startup company that ultimately became StellaService. Today, with offices in New York and San Francisco, StellaService is an online enterprise that “stress tests” customer service performance of retailers. Employing over 50 professionals, the company rates the quality of service of major retailers such as Amazon, Nike and Walmart. Their neutral, third party analysis provides customers with useful information about things such as return policies and product quality. And the retailers can access performance data to help improve their customer service.  


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