Public Service and Civic Engagement

Oakbrook Health Clinic

The Oakbrook Public Housing Development is an island of poverty surrounded by some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Berks County. Composed largely of young mothers with children living in extreme poverty, most of whom are Hispanic, community residents lacked access to basic health care as well as other important services such as fresh food. Working with the Reading Housing Authority, the Berks County Health Center and the Reading Health System, Alvernia helped facilitate the creation of a health clinic to serve the Oakbrook area of Reading. That clinic provides more than basic health care. Alvernia students, faculty and staff are actively engaged in the community to provide health assessments, education and social services.

The clinic has reduced the use of the Emergency Room at Reading Hospital, while provide health intervention, preventative care and basic health care services.

The creation of the Heath Center helped inspire a neighborhood revitalization program called the 18th WONDER which is working to improve streetscapes, environmental infrastructure and transportation safety in the South Reading Area.


public service and civic engagement

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