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Guiding definitions of sustainability:

  • Sustainability includes four interlinked dimensions – environmental responsibility, economic health, social equity, and cultural vitality (Jon Hawkes, 2006).

  • Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland Commission United Nations, 1987).

  • Sustainability involves “finding ways to live together within the carrying capacity of the planet, with equality and justice for all human communities, while allowing vibrant space for other life forms” (Marshall, Coleman, & Reason, 2011, p. 4).

Alvernia’s 2012-2013 Sustainability Survey:

  • The first campus-wide sustainability survey was distributed this past March through email to students, faculty, and staff, and the results are in.

  • A total of 117 students and 102 faculty/staff participated in the survey.

  • 88% of the student participants and 97.1% of the faculty/staff participants were somewhat or very familiar with the term sustainability.

  • Both students and faculty/staff considered environmental sustainability to be the most important component of sustainability. 

  • 39.7% of the students and 46.5% of the faculty/staff indicated that they would be interested in learning more about sustainability, while 43.1% of the students and 39.6% of the faculty/staff indicated they would be interested in learning more about sustainability.

  • Out of 11 possible choices, the top three “next steps” students feel Alvernia should take with regard to sustainability include: 1) creating a volunteer-based student sustainability leaders program (49.1%), 2) offering sustainability workshops (46.6%), and 3) holding an Earth Day-related campus event (42.2%).

  • Out of eight possible choices, the top three “next steps” faculty/staff feel Alvernia should take with regard to sustainability include: 1) offering sustainability-focused workshops (54.6%), 2) cultivating sustainability-focused community partnerships (53.6%), and 3) implementing water filtration stations on campus for reusable water bottles (46.4%).

For the full survey results, please contact the Holleran Center by either stopping by BH 1105 or calling 610-790-2883.
Contact Information
If you would like more information about sustainability at Alvernia or would like us to post information about your sustainability-related project/research, please contact Alicia Sprow at 610-790-2883 or

sustainability initiatives

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