Alvernia Mission

Franciscan Attributes in Higher Education Affirmed

Alvernia embodies the following Franciscan values:

  • Reverence for the dignity of each individual
  • Service to others in the local and global community
  • Hospitality as expressed in an openness to all
  • Formation of a caring community
  • Education of the whole person — mind, body, heart and spirit
  • Gospel-centered values.
  • Reverence for all creation
  • Care for the environment.
  • Belief in the basic goodness of life as demonstrated through the expression of joy and optimism.
  • Using the Franciscan intellectual tradition in education.
  • Commitment to social justice.
  • Sense of responsibility to others.
  • Development of moral integrity.


In the words of our students:

“Alvernia’s mission, vision, and core values are strategically focused on service and cohesiveness of community by remaining ethical, loving, and morally just. They present a wonderful feeling of commitment and social strengthening through service and humility.”    Melissa Tagert

 "The Franciscan heritage in the Catholic Church encourages learning that transcends the boundaries of the classroom.”      Mohamed Sesay

“’The Franciscan values encompass all parts of who a person is’… because Franciscan values are not only gospel centered but are people centered.”    Helen Rolon

 “I can say that I have always felt that hard work, integrity, service to others and to the community, ethics, learning, and God is important to this school.”   Renee Ruhlman

Guided by Franciscan values and the ideal of “knowledge joined with love,” and rooted in the Catholic and liberal arts traditions, Alvernia is a rigorous, caring, and inclusive learning community committed to academic excellence and to being and fostering broadly educated, life-long learners; reflective professionals and engaged citizens; and ethical leaders with moral courage.


To Be a Distinctive Franciscan University, Committed to Personal and Social Transformation, Through Integrated, Community-based, Inclusive, and Ethical Learning.





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