Bachelors Degree in Communication

Bachelors Degree in Communication

Communication is an extremely flexible and practical major that prepares students for a variety of careers. Alvernia University offers a bachelors degree in communication, which includes a broad spectrum of courses encompassing journalism, speech, film, theatre, and functional and creative writing for various media applications.

Communication majors pursue careers in journalism, public relations, event planning, advertising, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, and social media. Alvernia’s program is especially suitable for students interested in working in public relations and corporate communications, for newspapers and magazines, in advertising and marketing, or television.

The skills developed in the Communication programs are precisely those valued in the marketplace today. Courses in the Communication curriculum are structured to strengthen problem-solving abilities and to develop writing skills for professional and personal use. The program also focuses on enhancing critical thinking, oral communication, clear organization and concise expression of ideas.

Students are encouraged to develop practical experience in community-based projects with local businesses, advertising agencies, and television and radio stations. Communication faculty have professional experience in television reporting, print journalism, and theatre. A new campus media center offers opportunities for hands-on-experience.

Career Success

Alvernia’s bachelors in Communication graduates have been employed by a variety of media including the Rachael Ray Show, CNN Washington Bureau, C-SPAN, WIP Sports Radio, QVC and the Reading Eagle-Times. In addition, graduates hold positions in local and national corporations, public service institutions and not-for-profit agencies including the American Diabetes Association, Reese Advertising, the Reading Phillies, Junior Achievement of Reading, Arrow International, and UGI Utilities. Graduates have continued their studies at graduate institutions including The New School, Villanova University, Temple University and The University of Pennsylvania. Our Career Development staff provides assistance with resume preparation, interview skills, and job and graduate school searches.

Career Opportunities

Advertising Account Executive
Audio/Visual Specialist
Communications Specialist
Corporate Communications Director
Event Planner
Events Manager
Fashion Merchandiser
News Writer/Editor
Public Relations Specialist
Radio/Television Announcer
Social Media Manager
Technical Writer
Training & Development Coordinator
Web Design

Curriculum Overview


Liberal Arts Core (51-53 credits)
All Alvernia University Students are required to complete between 31-55 credits toward the Liberal Arts Core. Transfer work may be applicable for this area. As part of the application process, students receive specific information regarding remaining credits.

General Elective requirements (as needed)*

Communication Major Requirements (30-39 credits)
COM 103 Fundamentals of Speech
COM 122 Mass Media: Theory and Application
COM 131 Writing for the Media
COM 420 Law and Ethics of Mass Communication
COM 480 Research Seminar or COM 481 Internship (3-12 credits)
COM 481 Internship
CIS 105  MS Excel Bootcamp or CIS 115 Technology for the Workplace
Communication Electives (6 credits)
English Electives (9 credits)
Related electives (6 credits)

Majors must complete one of the two following tracks:

Public Relations and Advertising (Choose four of the following):
COM 213 Interpersonal Communications
COM 240 Public Relations
COM 332 Multimedia Design and Editing
COM 340 Advertising Workshop
COM 362 New Media
COM 422 Social Impact of Mass Media

Related Electives (Choose two of the following):
ART 103 Color and Design
ART 209 Basic Photography
ART 281 Graphic Design and Illustration
ART 309 Intermediate Photography
BUS 207 Marketing Principles
BUS 308 Sales and Sales Management
BUS 309 Advertising and Promotion
BUS 314 Retail Management
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology
PSY 405 Social Psychology

Corporate Communications
(Choose four of the following):
COM 213 Interpersonal Communications
COM 240 Public Relations
COM 332 Multimedia Design and Editing
COM 344 Writing for the Workplace
COM 362 New Media
COM 422 Social Impact of Mass Media

Related Electives (Choose two of the following):
BUS 206 Management Principles
BUS 280 Human Resources Management
BUS 320 Labor Relations
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology
PSY 306 Group Dynamics
PSY 350 Industrial & Organizational Psychology
PSY 405 Social Psychology

*A total of a minimum of 123 credits are required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.  To adhere to Franciscan Values, community service hours are also required.  Transfer students admitted to Alvernia’s Mid-Degree Program must complete a minimum of 30 Alvernia credits at the 300/+ level.

For more information about this exciting degree opportunity, contact the Adult Education Coordinator, at 1-888-ALVERNIA (1-888-258-3764, ext. 6) or

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