Mission & Overview

The discipline of philosophy engages students in questioning all areas of existence and prepares students to lead an examined life. Students trace the origins and development of fundamental questions like 'What is the nature and extent of our knowledge?'; 'What are our ethical obligations to others?'; 'What makes a life ‘good’?'; 'What is the nature of reality?'; 'How should we define beauty and art?',  in order to discover our shared intellectual history and the foundation of enduring questions that animate it. Courses are designed to acquaint students with the fundamental principles of rational argumentation and deductive procedures, to develop problem-solving capabilities, and to develop skills in critical thinking in order to articulate, analyze and synthesize complex ideas.

Philosophy  is a central component of Alvernia’s General Education Program; students are exposed to the search for wisdom and knowledge through the enduring questions presented as the foundation of philosophic inquiry at the introductory level and will deepen their understanding of the complexity and importance of these questions through further coursework. Our major prepares students for graduate studies in many fields in addition to philosophy, providing a solid foundation for law, business, education, journalism. A minor in philosophy may be taken in conjunction with any other major and can help students gain a more thoughtful perspective on their field of interest. Students who study philosophy develop skills and methods of creative out-of-the-box thinking that set them up for success in their future careers. Be sure to visit our Philosophy Club and check out our ongoing events.

Contact Information

Kevin Godfrey, Ph.D.
Chair of Humanities

     Francis Hall 216


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