Political Science


Politics pervades every facet of our lives. Students who study political science are involved in an ongoing inquiry into the nature, use, and distribution of power; the source of political authority; and the on-going pursuit of justice in societies.

Students who complete the political science program will be able to pursue careers in law, government service, public policy or planning, journalism, political activism, non-profit organizations, management, teaching, the bureaucracy, diplomatic service, or any field that requires excellent communication and analytical skills.


The political science program has five main goals:

  • To help students understand the nature of politics     
  • To improve student knowledge and appreciation of various countries, governments, and political movements     
  • To enable students to analyze trends and patterns in politics     
  • To emphasize policy issues so that students become well-informed democratic citizens, able to evaluate governmental policies and world events     
  • To produce students who think critically and originally about political problems and the world around them, and who are able to effectively communicate their views and opinions

Ultimately all political science courses center around the questions of justice, the purposes of government, and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Contact Information

Kevin Godfrey, Ph.D.
Chair of Humanities

     Francis Hall 216

political science

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