Program Requirements

Major: 30 credits 

POS 101, POS 111, POS 212 or POS 225, POS 420, POS 425; five additional courses in political science; major research paper (senior year-completed in POS 425). Additionally, it is recommended that students complete an internship at the local, state or national level. Students can earn from 3-12 credits in the internship experience. Political science majors are encouraged to take complimentary courses in history, philosophy, English, and communications.

Minor: 18 credits

Adding a political science minor to a students’ course of study gives them an understanding of the contemporary world and of important policy issues. The program allows students to achieve a minor through a flexible course of study that requires 18 total hours. A maximum of 6 hours may be attained through an internship experience.

Contact Information

Img: Victoria Williams

Kevin Godfrey, Ph.D.
Chair of Humanities

     Francis Hall 216