Women and Gender Studies

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Women & Gender Studies

Overview: What is Women and Gender Studies?

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that will expose students to the factors that have shaped traditional gender roles and also to contemporary issues and challenges faced by women and men. Students will explore how gender interacts with categories such as race, age, class and nationality to shape people’s identities and lived experiences. By developing students’ awareness of diversity, equality, and justice, this program participates in Alvernia’s mission to provide students intellectual breadth and an ethical foundation for their life-long personal and professional growth.”

Women and Gender Studies reflects a commitment to global concerns, diversity in terms of race, class, gender, and culture. By including the perceptions, experiences and contributions of women, this area of study has produced a body of knowledge and theory that transforms traditional areas of study. This discipline includes analysis of the unequal distribution of power and resources by gender and emphasizes the development of critical and analytical skills, creative approaches to problem solving, and the ability to articulate productive alternatives.

Mission: Aims of Women and Gender Studies:

  • Recognize Women's Perspectives & Contributions in all Areas of Academic Scholarship
  • Consider Feminist Analyses Of Culture, And The Structure Of Sex/Gender Systems
  • Identify Instances of Marginalization; Historical and Otherwise
  • Identify and Analyze Sources of Power and Oppression
  • Understand the Intersectionality of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity
  • Foster Recognition and Sensitivity to Others
  • Observe, Analyze, & Interpret Multiple Sources and Kinds of Information
  • Understand Community Needs and Interact with Diverse Populations
  • Explore Issues of Social Justice


Benefits of Women and Gender Studies

With its interdisciplinary foci, and rootedness in the liberal arts, Women and Gender Studies produces students who are excellent candidates for many professions, and whose well-defined interests, breadth of knowledge and innovative scholarship will set them apart. Women and Gender Studies’ emphasis on marginalization and social justice can enhance students’ abilities to identify issues that affect diverse populations and can aid in the development of community-oriented leadership skills. Students gain experience in social critique and analysis. Women and Gender Studies graduates work in a number of fields including law, medicine, journalism, media, researchers, teachers, psychologists, politics and counselors and bring an awareness of the complexities of contemporary society that is highly desirable.


Contact Information

Janae Sholtz 

Janae Sholtz, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Women & Gender Studies
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

     Francis Hall 229
     Phone:  610-568-1488


Upcoming Course Offerings:


  • MUS 322: World Music - MWF 9 AM
  • CJ 411: Domestic Violence - T TH 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
  • THE 300: Theology of Marriage & Sexuality - MWF 11:30-12:30 
  • ENG 216: Women in Literature: Good Girl, Bad Girl - T TH 1-2:30
  • PHI 250: Feminist and Gender Theory - T TH 1:00-2:30

women and gender studies

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