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Img: Peggy Bowen

Peggy C. Bowen-Hartung, Ph.D.
Chair of Psychology & Counseling

   Upland Center, Room 126c

Michele Pearson
Administrative Assistant

   Upland Center, Room 223

Psychology and Counseling Department

The Psychology and Counseling Department offers two degrees: A Bachelor of Arts
degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling.

Psychology and Counseling

Psychology Program Alumni Perspective

“My time spent at Alvernia has been a terrific experience particularly because when part of the Psychology program you are surrounded by a genuine faculty that cares greatly about you and your success. Each faculty member strives to teach to you all of their skills, knowledge, and experiences which has proved to be beneficial when entering practicum experiences and now the job market. The strengths of the faculty become part of you because of their passion and desire to create well-rounded psychology students."
Kayla Morgan, Class 2013


MACC Program Student Perspective

Student Profile

"The psychology department is filled with encouraging instructors that guide you every step of the way. I have been very blessed by this program, I never thought I'd gain so much knowledge and build such strong relationships in the course of three years!"
Cristina Urena ’14

MACC Program Alumni Perspective

Student Profile

"The MACC program at Alvernia University provided me with the theory, practical skills, and ethical knowledge that I need to make decisions that are in the best interest of my clients while practicing as a licensed professional counselor." Read more.
Brandon Ballantyne, MA,LPC, NCC
Reading Health System
CMH - Adolescent/Adult Partial Programs