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Programs of specialization in chemistry provide opportunities and guided experiences through which the student may be introduced to the basic knowledge and skills essential to pursue careers in industrial and governmental research, teaching in secondary schools and professional careers.

Students and Alumni

Chemistry graduates from Alvernia have pursued further study in dentistry, optometry, microbiology, medical technology, forensic pathology, and education. They are employed by such reputable companies and research facilities as the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; the Wistar Institute; Ortho Pharmaceutical Co.; Crompton Corporation; Spotts, Stevens & McCoy; Warner Lambert, Inc.; and National Medical Services. They serve society as optometrists, pharmacists, teachers, research technicians, scientific editors, microbiologists, and medical technologists.

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Elizabeth Gardner, Ph.D.
Science & Mathematics Department Chair

     Bernardine Hall 23

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That catfish you had for dinner last night sitting OK in your stomach? Thank Jason Betz.

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