PHY 103 (4 credits)

Earth Science

Designed to introduce students to an interdisciplinary study in the fundamentals of earth and space science. Major topics include physical and historical geology, astronomy, meteorology and oceanography. Integrates laboratory and classroom work for a total of five class hours per semester week.

PHY 106 (3 credits)

Ideas of Physics

Introduction to basic physics concepts with emphasis on applications of those principles. Designed for physical therapist assistant as well as liberal arts students. Course includes demonstrations of physics principles as well as hands-on activities. As a non-lab course this will not satisfy the liberal arts core.

PHY 110 (4 credits)

General Physics I

Introduction to standard non-calculus college physics course. Topics include Newton’s laws of motion, work, energy, impulse, momentum, properties of solids, liquids, and gases, heat, and the laws of thermodynamics. Course includes three hours laboratory per week. Prerequisite: high school algebra.

PHY 111 (4 credits)

General Physics II

Continuation of Physics I. Topics include wave phenomena, electricity, magnetism, light, sound, optics, relativity and quantum theory. Prerequisite: PHY 110.

PHY 202 (3 credits)


Study of statics, kinematics and the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies with emphasis on the analysis of problems. Prerequisites: PHY 111, MAT 231.

PHY 206 (3 credits)


Study of the geometrical and physical theory of light. Prerequisite: PHY 111.

PHY 303 (3 credits)

Electricity and Magnetism

Theoretical study of electrostatics, electromagnetism, electromagnetic waves and direct and alternating current phenomena. Prerequisites: PHY 111, MAT 231.

PHY 304 (4 credits)

Modern Physics

Introduction to the theory of relativity, quantum theory, the Bohr theory of the atom, de Broglie waves, nuclear structure and nuclear reactions. Prerequisite: PHY 111.

Contact Information

Rosemarie C. Chinni, Ph.D.
Science & Mathematics Department Chair
and Director of the Forensic Science Program

     Bernardine Hall 234

Student Perspective

"In chemistry, it's all about your lab technique. At Alvernia I learned how to do chemistry, correctly and efficiently. I learned to work at a quick pace and think ahead." -Jason Betz '08, Adpen Laboratories, Jacksonville, FL


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