Liberal Arts Core

An Alvernia University education is founded on the liberal arts. The aim of a liberal arts education is to develop the whole person and to assure an understanding of the wide range of human experience, expression and potential. To that end, all baccalaureate students must complete a body of requirements known as the “Liberal Arts Core”. The core includes:

  • Foundation Courses - 39/40 credits
  • Area I Courses - 6 credits
  • Area II Courses - 9 credits

Students must also complete “Graduation Requirements”. These requirements include applying for graduation, First Year Seminar, computer proficiency, human diversity and community service. Appropriate adjustments to graduation requirements are made for Associate Degree and transfer students.

Foundation Courses

Composition and Research 3 credits

Introduces students to the writing and research skills needed by an educated person.
Fulfilled by completing COM 101 Composition & Research with a "C" or better.

Communication 3 credits

Introduces students to that essentially human endeavor, communication.
Fulfilled by completing 3 credits in Communication courses (other than COM 100).

Literature 3 credits

Introduces students to human expression as manifested in literature.
Fulfilled by completing a 3-credit literature course, in any language.

Art/Music 3 credits

Introduces students to human expression as manifested in music and art.
Fulfilled by completing 3 credits in art and/or music courses.

Social Science 3 credits

Assures that students encounter at least one discipline that studies the political, social or psychological dimension of human beings.
Satisfied by completing 3 credits from among the courses in Political Science, Sociology, Social Science, Psychology, Criminology or Economics.

Foreign Language 6 credits

Introduces students to a language and culture other than their own. Because the world is peopled by human beings of widely divergent backgrounds, the requirement seeks to heighten students' sensitivity to and appreciation of a foreign language and culture.
Satisfied by completing 6 credits in sequence in one foreign language in Alvernia curriculum.

History 3 credits

Assures that students gain an appreciation of human behavior in a historical context.
Fulfilled by completing 3 credits in history.

Lab Science 3/4 credits

Introduces students to the subjects of inquiry, methods, values and the relevance of a scientific discipline.
Fulfilled by completing 3/4 credits in a biological, chemical or physical science.

Mathematics 3 credits

Introduces students to the role of mathematics in contemporary life or develops their proficiency in the use of mathematics. While students vary in their use of mathematics, all educated people should understand its applications in their lives.
Satisfied by completing 3 credits in mathematics (other than MAT 100).

Theology 105 and Philosophy 105 6 credits

Assures that students encounter the disciplines devoted to human thought and faith.

Wellness 3 credits

Introduces students to the potential and limitations of their own bodies, as well as the essentials of a healthy lifestyle.
Satisfied by completing PED 304.

Area I Courses (at 200-400 level) 6 credits

Theology or Philosophy 3 credits
Ethics/Morality in Theology or Philosophy 3 credits*
*The Ethics and Morality requirement is fulfilled by taking 3 credits from THE 200, 210, 225 or PHI 200, 210, 220.

Area II Courses (at 200-400 level) 9 credits

Three courses from any one of the following: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Economics, Foreign Language, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Theology.
Note: An Area II course may not be in student’s first major. However, the course may be met by double or joint majors and minors.

Total credits in the core: 54/55 credits


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