Sport Management


SM 201                   (3 credits)

Introduction to Sport Management

Explores organizational and managerial foundations of sport management, leadership styles, governance bodies, international sport management, sport tourism, critical thinking, and career options in different sport environments.  Ethical challenges and legal considerations in sport management are examined.

SM 210                   (3 credits)

Sport in Society

Sport is examined through the paradigm of different cultures within the U.S. and throughout the world and is discussed as a major social institution with the power to as a socializing agent and unifier of people.  Complex social issues are analyzed through the forum of sport, forcing new and thought provoking ways of understanding the importance and value of different cultures within the interdependent global community.  Cultural components explored include gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and class.  Prerequisite: SM 201.  Fulfills diversity requirement.

SM 310                   (3 credits)

Facility and Event Management

Analyzes the management process required in designing, managing, and selecting sites for sport facilities.  Focuses on event planning and management for sport and special events and explores the economic impact of sport facilities and events.  Prerequisite: SM 210.

SM 325                   (3 credits)

Sport Marketing, Promotions, and Fundraising

This course explores the marketing process and the promotional developments and strategies relative to the sport industry. Fundraising as essential to youth, interscholastic, and intercollegiate sport is discussed along with effective strategies to meet established financial goals. Prerequisite: BUS 307.

SM 440                   (3 credits)

Sport Psychology

Studies the behavioral, affective and cognitive reactions to sport settings of both participants and fans. Theories and knowledge of psychology are presented in the context of applied, clinical, educational and experimental sport psychology. Focus is on how this specialty of psychology provides services to athletes and coaches based on psychological principles. Prerequisite: PSY 101. Cross-listed with PSY 440.

SM 441                   (6 credits)

Cooperative Education in Sport Management

Supervised learning experience that integrates theoretical course work, career goals and objectives, and on-the-job work experience in the sports management field. Academic assignments supplement actual work experience. Prerequisite: Senior standing and a 2.75 GPA. Special consideration may be given to outstanding juniors. Students must have successfully completed 30 credits at Alvernia. Cross-listed with BUS 441.

SM 445                   (3 credits)

Sport Management Seminar

A capstone course in the sport management curriculum that integrates previously presented principles and practice. Students will complete a capstone project culminating in a paper and presentation. The students must develop and detail an organizaitonal plan for an organization in the sport industry utilizing the foundational skills learned in the business core and sport management core. This project will incorporate the overall financial structure and management structure of the organization including a study of its leadership utilizing leadership theory. Prerequisite: senior status or permission of the department chair.

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Department Chair

Dr. Samuel M. Bradley
Associate Professor of Business
Business Department Chair

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