Sport Management



The sport industry, ranked one of the twenty largest industries in the United States, provides a wealth of opportunities for students aspiring towards business careers in the sport world. Alvernia’s Sport Management degree provides students with knowledge and skills needed to excel in the $350 billion sport industry.

This interdisciplinary and comprehensive program provides students with specific competencies in management, marketing, communication, law, finance and accounting, economics, ethics, and computer literacy as they relate to sport. In addition, the program provides critical thinking, writing, and problem solving skills that are essential ingredients to success in today’s workplaces. Internships are an integral part of the Alvernia Sport Management program.


Woosoon Kim, Ph.D.

Graduates of Sport Management are prepared to move on to exciting and rewarding careers in the following sport industry segments:

Spectator Segment
• Professional, Collegiate, and Interscholastic Sports
• Professional Tour Events (Pro Cycling Tour, LPGA)
• Sport Governing Bodies (NCAA, MLS, IOC, ACC, PIAA)
• Sport Marketing Companies

Participant Segment
• Sports and Recreation Facilities
• Health, Fitness, and Sport Clubs
• Sport Events (tournaments, races)
• Sport Camps

Consumer Segment
• Sporting Good Manufacturers
• Sporting Good Retailers

Department Chair


Dr. Scott Ballantyne, PRSBA
Associate Professor of Business
Department Chair

sport management

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