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Writing Enhanced Courses

In writing enhanced (WE) courses, professors incorporate writing that helps students learn course content while improving written communication skills.  Professors have the opportunity to work with the Writing Program Director and the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee. The Writing Program offers workshops that are designed to create materials relating to WE courses and to discuss best practices for writing instruction. Those teaching WE courses also have the opportunity to work with trained student Writing Mentors. 

Procedure for Creating a WE course:

1. Consult with Writing Program Director

2. For fall courses, submit materials (see proposal link below) by March 1 of the previous year. For spring courses, submit materials by Oct. 1 of the fall semester. * Timeline created in order to guarantee mentors for those who wish for this support and in order for the course to be designated as WE in the catalog.

3. Writing Across the Curriculum Committee will meet to review application.

4. Revise materials based on feedback from committee, if needed.

5. Course approved by commitee. Indicate interest/willingness to work with Mentor.

6. Syllabus and curriculum change form are submitted to curriculum committee. MUST BE SIGNED by Writing Program Director.

7. Course is included in catalog as WE and shall be taught this way by all instructors in all formats. Attendance at Writing Workshops strongly recommended.

Faculty Guidelines and Proposal for Writing Enhanced Courses

Writing Across the Curriculum Resources

WE Curriculum Change Proposal

WE courses offered in Spring 2017

PSY 230

BUS 438

COM 131

CJ 290

THEO 300

Our current list of Approved Writing Enhanced Courses include:

AT 301 Course Designer: Dolores Bertoti

BH 204 Course Designer: David Reyher

HCS 300 Course Designer: Mary Ann Durant

PSY 230 Course Designer: Di You

ENG 202 Course Designer: Thomas Bierowski

EDU 270 Course Designer: Kathy McCord

CJ 290 Course Designers: Peggy Bowen-Hartung and Rosemary Mcfee
THR 356 Course Designer: Nathan Thomas
COM 131 Course Designer: Ryan Lange

CHE 211 Course Designer: Joseph Kremer

THE 350 Course Designer: Kevin Godfrey
OT 429 Course Deisgner: Amy Thomas and Neil Penny

Special Topics (see catalog to determine when these courses will be offered)

PHI 390 Course Designer Janae Sholtz

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