Img: Dani Motze

Motion in New Media

Peter Rampson
Graphic Art

"It's not a two-dimensional, static world anymore."


Img: Erin Solley

Philsophy of Life

Bongrae Seok

"Philosophy wants us to become better and better."


Img: Kevin Shainline

Bringing New Light to Business 

Bryan Dreibelbis
Associate Professor of Business

“Network, Network, Network!"

Img: Jonathan Lozoskie

Psychology and Much More

Di You

"As an Alvernia professor, it was reassuring that what we're doing at this university matters.”



Img: Rachel Krall

Paperback Writer

Tom Bierowski

"If you read enough, you will get a sense of the value of human experience across the board.”



Img: kevin John

Occupational Care-apist.

Karen Cameron
Occupational Therapy

"The field of occupational therapy is dramatically growing.”


Img: Donna Yarri

Theolgy & the World

Donna Yarri

"My area of study is very important to prepare students to be better citizens of the world.”



Img: Zack Elmarzouky

Passion for Communication

Jodi Radosh

"I think it's important to offer our students hands-on, practical experience.”

Img: stober

Not Just a Biologist

Spencer Stober

"I feel like I'm in one of the best professions in the world.”

Img: Junior BernardLaying Down the Law

Edgar J. Hartung
Criminal Justice

"Textbooks, at times, can be dry, so I try to intersperse some real-life stories into the classroom."

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