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Your gifts enrich the Alvernia experience

We set a goal of 1,100 donors this year to ensure the richness of the Alvernia experience for future students, and you helped us reach it! If we exceed 1,224 donors, we’ll have more donors than ever before give to Alvernia in a fiscal year. Can you even imagine what such a show of support would mean to the Alvernia community -- past, present and future? Please give today, and help us usher in a new era of generosity and excellence at Alvernia!

Class Standings

A special thanks goes out to the three classes that are doing the most to complete the Alvernia experience for our students. These are the classes that lead our fundraising efforts in the percentage of alumni giving back to Alvernia in fiscal year 2015:

Class of 1961: 50%
Class of 1965: 28.6%
Class of 1968: 25%

Help your class stay on top by giving today!

We still have a long way to go, and we need your help! These classes have the most potential for improvement:

Class of 1962: 0%
Class of 2006: 3.0%
Class of 2012: 3.1%
Help your class make the top three this year!

See how your class is doing this year.

Our alumni percent participation is at 4% today.

FY15 Goals

We wanted 1,100 donors, and we got it. Now, we’re going for the all-time donor record of 1,224. Be one of the many Alvernia donors to set a new standard of giving back for our community. The Alvernia experience matters, and it just keeps getting better with your support. As alumni, faculty, staff and friends, the work we do to prepare students for the future is more important than ever. Give to that all-important work today!

Graduating Class Gift

The Graduating Class of 2015 knows just how important the Alvernia experience is, and they’ve paid it forward. (And set a fundraising record in the process!) Thanks to 200 Graduating Class donors providing $4,500 in contributions, two rising juniors will complete their Alvernia degrees who would not otherwise have been able to continue their studies. We can all follow in their generous footsteps!

Student Stories

The next generation needs a new education – a unique education that only Alvernia can provide. We empower graduates to take on a rapidly changing world while also affirming their commitment to service and ethical leadership. Learn more about how our students excel on and off campus. See how your support prepares them for success.

The Alvernia Fund

Our Mission

The Alvernia Fund engages alumni, parents and friends philanthropically by educating them on the ever-changing needs of our students and inviting them to take an active role in the life of Alvernia University.

Our Vision

The Alvernia Fund provides vital financial assistance to students and to programs dedicated to improving students’ educational experience so they can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Student Callers

Our students live the Alvernia experience every day, and they’re eager to hear about your time here. Our student callers can’t wait to swap stories. You’ll be hearing from us, and we look forward to talking with you!

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