Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is appointed by the Provost, by March 15th; should not be a mentor to a Student Fellow to avoid conflict of interest. The Program Coordinator:

  • Reviews schedule conflicts identified in applications to accommodate Student Fellows and Faculty Scholars schedules (as soon as applications are approved). 
  • Confirms and communicates summer schedule to Student Fellows and Faculty Scholars, ASAP (no later than April 15th).
  • Determines topics of workshops in consultation with Faculty Scholars. 
  • Invites speakers for workshops.
  • Provides meal for workshops.
  • Tapes workshops.  Makes tapes available. Media Suite is a resource.
  • Meets with Student Fellows after workshops to go over research progress and any other issues/needs.
  • Coordinates with Office of Provost: housing, award payment for Student Fellows and Faculty Scholars, reimbursement of expenses, gift for speakers.
  • Reviews any Student Fellow budget request after Summer program starts.
  • Collects Faculty Scholars mid-program and end of program reports.
  • Prepares mid-program and end of program reports for Provost.
  • Consults with Faculty Scholars and Student Fellows regarding any program issues.

S.U.R.F. Program Coordinator

Dr. Erin Way
Psychology & Counseling
Upland Center 125
Phone: 610-685-3257

student undergraduate research fellows (s.u.r.f.)

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