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Alvernia Faculty & Staff may now makebusiness or personal auto reservations online with Enterprise Rent-a-Car at:


  • The local Enterprise office is located at 125 Morgantown Road (2 miles away).
  • Telephone reservations may be made by calling 610.376.4722 using account number 57AE631.
  • Call to request vehicle drop-off even when booking reservation online.
  • Van reservations must be made by phone (610.376.4722) with at least 24-hour notice.
  • For current rate information and locations, please refer to the Enterprise Auto Rental documents on the S:\Drive.
  • Full liability insurance coverage (except in Puerto Rico) is automatically included in the Alvernia rates, but for business use only.
  • Enterprise has a fuel match policy, where renters are asked to replace the fuel that was in the tank when they received the vehicle. Pump prices will be charged if the fuel tank is not at the check-out fuel level when it is returned.
  • If a renter loses a key or has car problems during business hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) the renter should call the branch office where the vehicle was rented. After business hours, they should call the 800 number listed on the back of the rental agreement.
  • Enterprise also provides discounted rates for the personal use of vehicles by Alvernia employees. Liability insurance is not included in these rates, so coverage must be added if renters want it. Customers may book reservation online at the website above or call 610.376.4722, using account number L57E032.


  • Check for noticeable damage before accepting the rental vehicle and make sure any damage is noted in writing.
  • Report vehicle accidents to the Director of Business & Contract Administration as soon as possible.
  • To compare auto rental prices with employee reimbursement, please calculate mileage at $0.50 cents per mile (Effective 1/1/10).

business support

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