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Alvernia Tip Line (EthicsPoint) 

In keeping with our Mission and Values, and to support the University’s Code of Conduct, Alvernia University has a process for reporting suspected fraud and/or violations of the University’s Code of Conduct Policy which could have regulatory implications or could negatively impact the University. The Alvernia Tip Line (ATL) is an anonymous method for reporting concerns which are then forwarded to the appropriate University authority for investigation and resolution.

This Call Center and Tip Line are staffed by trained professionals who work for an outside independent organization called EthicsPoint. All reporting is anonymous, unless the reporter chooses to self-identify. EthicsPoint forwards all reports to the appropriate University personnel for review and investigation. The person making the report can inquire as to the status of their report using an automated system by having a case number that is assigned to that specific report. Safe guards are in place so that there are no conflicts of interest in the investigation process, although this procedure does not replace and/or supersede existing college policies.

The process for reporting a potential fraud or violation of the Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • Employee contacts EthicsPoint one of two ways

      1.    By phone at 1-888-428-2285
      2.    Logging onto

  • Appropriate individuals at the University receive your report; within three business days the report will be reviewed and a determination will be made if an investigation is necessary.
  • If deemed no investigation is necessary, the report will be noted and closed.
  • If an investigation is deemed appropriate, this will begin within three business days of the review of the report. Typically, an investigation should be concluded within 30 days of review.  
  • As the reporter, you will receive a case number which can be used to monitor the status of the report anonymously.  


More information regarding the ATL and how it works is available by logging onto or calling 1-888-428-2285.

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