Local Community

The Alvernia experience instills a commitment to service that when combined with education and applied in daily life can transform communities. Our faculty, staff, students and alumni value diversity of thought, faiths and culture and know our university as a place of transformational opportunity for people without regard to beliefs or background.

Through their education, our students are transformed from the inside out, in a way that influences how they live, learn and work long after they leave campus.  We emphasize the education of the whole person and encourage students to discover a sense of self and a strong work ethic to fully develop their unique gifts.

Service, humility, peacemaking, contemplation, and collegiality are our core values. They are intended to form a way of life, a view of the world, and a definition of personal relationships to God that may be more relevant today than ever before. Guided by Catholic Franciscan values and the ideal of “knowledge joined with love,” we seek to inspire members of our community, regardless of academic discipline or field of study, to use what they know and learn to transform the world and the lives of the people around them.

Service Learning

Service to others is deeply embedded in Alvernia University’s Franciscan heritage and remains an important part of our educational mission today. Our goal is to develop not just educated citizens, but engaged citizens actively involved in work to better their communities.

Alvernia embraces service learning for what it does for others and for what it can do for our students. Projects help students draw meaningful connections between classroom learning and the world beyond the campus. And most importantly, service learning will help them understand their role as a responsible citizen.

local community

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