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Student Employee Rights and Responsibilities

  1. You must have a valid FAFSA on file for the academic year in which you are employed in the Student Employment Program.

  2. You must be enrolled full time status during the fall and/or spring semesters (minimum 12 credits) in a degree-seeking undergraduate program working towards your first Bachelors degree.

  3. In order to be eligible for the workstudy, you must be making academic progress as detailed in the Academic Progress Standards as defined in the Alvernia Undergraduate Catalog.

  4. Schedules are determined by the supervisor and student employee at the beginning of each semester.

  5. See supervisor upon arrival for job assignments.

  6. Sign in when you arrive and sign out when you are done for the day.  Inaccurate reporting of hours will result in review from supervisor and possible termination from your student employee position and removal of any student employee eligibility for the remainder of the academic year.

  7. Arrive on time, if you are going to be late, please e-mail your supervisor immediately and contact your supervisor by phone.

  8. Schedule changes or requested time off from your regularly scheduled working hours requires students to notify their supervisor either by e-mail or phone.  Absence Policy: Each student employee is given a reasonable amount of flexibility in missing work times due to course requirements, illness or last minute schedule conflicts.  However, reasonable notification is expected and absences must be kept to a limit of three per semester.

  9. As a student employee, your position may not be equivalent to or replace an employee of the University.

  10. Please feel free to include your student employment experience on your resume and speak with your supervisor for references for future employment opportunities.

  11. All information you may have access to as a student employee of Alvernia is strictly confidential and may not be altered, shared or discussed with people outside of the staff of your assigned office.  Students who violate the confidentially requirement will be subject to termination from the position, removal of any further student employment eligibility and possible disciplinary actions from Alvernia University.

  12. You may not work more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session and no more than 40 hours per week during term breaks and the summer.

financial aid

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