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Classroom media equipment - audio/visual and computing equipment and authoring software for instructional use (class presentation, conversion of media into digital format, instructional material development, interactive media, and other learning technologies);

Media services
– services pertinent to classroom and multimedia technology implementation, maintenance, and technical support.

Point of Contact

Media services are provided by the Department of Educational Technology within the Division of Information Services and Technology. This department is responsible for media equipment budgeting, purchasing, installation, upgrade, maintenance, scheduling as well as technical training and support.

Users are encouraged to attend the workshops or schedule an individual training on using classroom audio-visual equipment.

View the media equipment distribution in the classrooms. To learn how to operate the classroom media equipment, please contact Educational Technology for a training session.

Equipment Request and Return Procedures

There are two types of media equipment use: classroom use and university event use. Priority is given to classroom use.

Alvernia administrators, faculty and staff are authorized to reserve audio-visual equipment. In order for students to check out equipment, they must have a form signed by their instructor. Forms can be obtained from Educational Technology. The instructor is responsible for any equipment signed out by one of their students for class use.

Due to the need of many people wanting to use equipment, it is important that reservations are made well in advance to ensure access. After using equipment, make sure that it is returned on time so that others can use it. Return it in the same condition you checked it out.

Media equipment is available for borrowing on a short-term basis. Some items (such as a digital camera, camcorder, and digital sound recorder) must be returned within 48 hours. A late return will incur a fine of $1 per day after the due date. For certain classes or projects, equipment may be needed for a period of several days. Media Services will accommodate those needs if other users do not need the equipment. However, individual departments should purchase and maintain their own equipment for recurring long-term equipment needs.

For damages to an equipment item, the borrower will be responsible for the repair costs or the cost of the equipment. For a lost item, the borrower will pay a fine equal to the equipment cost.

Borrowers with limited experience using audio-visual equipment should learn how to set up the equipment and make sure they know how to operate the equipment prior to the scheduled event.

The procedures are outlined as follows:

  • Equipment requests for classroom use are to be placed using the online Equipment Request Form or via email at least two business days prior to the intended use. Confirmations will be sent to requestors to verify availability. Requests on a shorter notice may be granted depending on the availability of staff and equipment. For weekend classes, the requests must be made by Wednesday.
  • Equipment requests for university events are to be made by the Facilities Department via the Event Registration Form located in the Event Management Folder on the S: Drive. The Facilities Department will set up the requested equipment for the event.
  • Equipment is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to classroom use.
  • Most equipment is available for use on campus only. Off-campus use requests for a university-sponsored purpose may be filled depending on the nature of use and availability.
  • All equipment must be picked up by the requestor or user and must be checked out at the Library Circulation Desk or the Educational Technology Office.
  • All equipment must be returned promptly after use.
  • The equipment user assumes the responsibility for the safety and security of the equipment. He or she must report any damage or malfunction should it occur during use. Nothing is more frustrating than checking out equipment only to discover it is not working!

Use of Equipment by Students

In order for students to check out any equipment for instructional use or class projects, they must contact the Media Services (by phone, email, or online request) to inquire about the equipment availability and obtain a written verification of academic use from their instructors. The student must present his or her student ID card upon checking out the equipment. The student is responsible for any equipment damage or loss signed out in his or her name. The Media Services will consult with students concerning needs, but typically do not guarantee training students in operation of equipment or assisting students in the equipment setup.

To alleviate the demand for LCD projectors, faculty are strongly encouraged to schedule classrooms that are equipped with a projection system when their students need to make Powerpoint presentations or use other forms of digital media.

Use of Media Equipment in the Library

There is media equipment for faculty and student use on the first and second floor in the Franco Library. On the first floor, there is audio-visual equipment to listen to audio tapes and CDs or view video tapes and DVDs.

On the second floor, in the AV Center, there is a recording device to convert between a VHS tape to a DVD disk or a DVD disk to a VHS tape. The guidelines for its use are as follows:

  • It can only be used for instructional purpose or class projects.
  • Its use must be authorized by the Media Services Center.
  • The user assumes the total responsibility of any copyright violation
  • The user must bring his or her blank DVD disk.
  • While assistance may be provided when available to explain the operation of the VHS-DVD recorder, the Media Services Center will be unavailable to assist in any media recording or development.

Equipment Purchase

The Department of Educational Technology assists in budgeting and purchasing classroom technology equipment by identifying and prioritizing needs as well as coordinating equipment selection, purchase, and the installation schedules.

In collaboration with the Department of Information Services, we process equipment requests from departments or faculty members, estimate associated costs, and report to the Director of Information Technology for approval. We then proceed with equipment purchases and installation schedules and handling.

In addition, we regularly report the current status of available technology and recommend the needs of upgrades or addition to the Director of Information Technology. Furthermore, the Media Services conducts an annual review of the media equipment standards relative to new needs and emerging technologies.


Equipment Security

The Department of Educational Technology works with the Department of Information Technology in the design and installation of physical security measures to prevent loss or damage of equipment. Physical security measures include the installation of the following hardware restraints and other prevention measures:

  • Marking equipment with a unique equipment ID
  • Securing all cables of equipment
  • Maintaining an inventory database for equipment tracking
  • Modifying brackets to prevent tampering
  • Attaching equipment racks to the floor

For loaned equipment items, security is the responsibility of the person signing out the equipment. As mentioned above, for damages to an equipment item, the borrower will be responsible for the repair costs or the cost of the equipment. For a lost item, the borrower will pay a fine equal to the equipment cost.

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