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How do I operate the projector?
All projectors on campus have instructions on or by the projector that explains how to operate them. If you are still unsure or would like a demonstration on how to use the equipment please contact Educational Technology at 610-796-5606.

Where/how do I turn the projector on?
This can vary depending on what room you are in. If you are using a projector that is on a cart the power switch will be directly on the projector. Ceiling mounted projectors will either have a remote control or a wall mounted control panel.

How do I choose to project the VCR, DVD or computer?
Most projectors have a source button that allows you to toggle through to choose your source. Others allow you to choose Video or Computer (RGB) directly on the unit or remote control.

What if the projector will not power on/ power off?
First check to see if the power cord is correctly plugged into the outlet and into the back of the projector. Secondly, some projectors have two power buttons. One is a switch that is usually located near the power cord on the projector. The other would be the power button that is located on the top of the unit or on the projector itself.

What if I can not get my computer to project through the projector?
First make sure that both the projector and the computer are powered on. Second check the connection wires between the two units.

No picture appears?
The input selection (source) may not be correct. Set it to computer or video.
The lens cap may still be attached to the lens.
Check all connections including power cords and VGA connection.
Check the monitor output on the laptop. You can change this by pressing the Fn key along with the CRT/LCD (or it may have a picture of a monitor on it) button. You may have to push this a few times to get the setting you want.

The projector is working but the image is not good?
Try adjusting the focus.
If the image appears tilted you can adjust the keystone within the projectors menu.
If the image is dark try adjusting the contrast and brightness settings on the projector.
If the image is still dark or dim please inform Media Services of the problem.

I am able to project an image but there is no sound?
Check to make sure that the amplifier is turned on and the volume is turned up.
If using a laptop be sure you have the proper sound connection coming out of your laptop into the projector.
Make sure the volume on the computer is not muted and the volume controls are turned up.

I am unable to turn the TV on?
Be sure the power cord is properly plugged in.
Check the batteries in the remote.

The TV is on but there is no sound and no picture?
Check cable connections.
Check power connection.
TV may not be set to the correct channel - try changing the channel.

There is picture but no sound?
The sound may be muted.
Check cable connections.

There is sound but no picture?
Check cable connections.

The color is poor?
Adjust the tint and/or Color in the TV menu.
This could be caused by the tape or DVD you are using. Be sure it is the TV by testing another video.

The unit will not power on?
Make sure the power plug is connected to the outlet.

The unit does not respond to the remote control?
Check to see if the power plug is connected properly.
Check the batteries in the remote control.
Make sure to aim the remote directly at the remote sensor.
Check to make sure the correct mode is selected, press the DVD/VCR buttons.

There is no picture?
Select the correct output - VCR/DVD.
Make sure cables are connected correctly.

There is no sound?

Make sure the audio cables are connected correctly.
Make sure the audio component is not muted and the volume is turned up.

The overhead will not turn on?
Check the power connection make sure projector is properly plugged in.
The bulb may be burned out.

How do I get a replacement bulb for an overhead projector?
Please contact the Service Desk (610.927.2008)

The projector turns on but the light is very dim and hard to see?
Please contact the Service Desk (610.927.2008)

How do I hook my laptop up to the projector?
Please contact the Service Desk (610.927.2008)

How do I obtain a login ID and password to use the computers on campus?

Please contact the Service Desk (610.927.2008)

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