EDUCAUSE - Services and Fees


What you pay for and what you get

There is a strong connection between the quality of technology services and the associated costs. There is also a wide variation in the ways campuses charge for these services. To evaluate the benefits you will receive and to compare costs, you’ll need answers to these questions.

Fees and Expenses

Q: What, if any, technology fee is charged by the campus? What does it cover?

There is no technology fee at Alvernia University.

Q: Will you be required to purchase your own computer?


Q: Does the campus make computing and network access financially accessible? Is special student pricing offered for computers and peripheral equipment?

The university does not sell computers or peripherals. Dell, HP and Microsoft makes its products available at reduced prices to students based on their current student status. Select the "Purchase Programs" link on the menu bar.

Q: Does the campus assess extra fees for network connections in residence hall rooms or for off-campus access?


Technical Support

Q: What hardware and software standards, if any, does the campus require, recommend, and/or support?

Alvernia works in a Windows XP environment, with Microsoft Office as the production suite, SPSS as the statistical program, Adobe Creative Suites and Dreamweaver as graphics and communications programs.

Q: What kinds of services (help desk, training, trouble-shooting) are provided by the campus, and when are they available?

Information Technology and Educational Technology help desk services are available Monday thru Saturday. The hours of operation are available on this page. Help desk personnel provide trouble-shooting with login issues as well as assisting users in their use of different instructional systems and the network at Alvernia.

Q: Does the campus have a plan for keeping its hardware and software current, and if so, what is the replacement cycle?

The projected replacement for a desktop computer is 5 years, 4 years for a laptop computer. Software is upgraded as it becomes available.

Q: If you bring your own computer to school, what kind of technical support can you expect from the campus?

Alvernia uses a program called Safe•Connect™ to process all resident student computers to bring security patches and antivirus programs up to date. IT personnel help students with other problems they may have with their own computers, such as helping student diagnose problems so warranty providers can more efficiently repair computers.

Other Services

Q: How does the campus support printing for students, and is there a charge for this service?

Networked printers are available free of charge in all classrooms, labs, and the library’s commons area.

Q: Does the campus provide wireless network coverage? If so, how much of the campus has wireless connectivity?

Wireless connectivity is currently available throughout the campus. For a current list of locations, click the "Hot Spots" link in the Wireless Connectivity menu option.


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