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Enriching your extracurricular experiences with technology

Whether you will be a full or part-time student, living on campus or commuting, the school’s social, extracurricular, and career services activities will be an important part of your educational experience. Find out about the technology tools that facilitate different communities on campus, allowing for communication, personal development, and getting together (in person and virtually).

Accessing Computer Services

Q: What public access for computing is available to students? Examples include computing labs, cyber cafés, residence hall computers, and wireless access.

Computer labs and classrooms are publicly available for current students throughout the campus. Wireless access is also being installed in every building.

Q: Does the campus provide institutional e-mail accounts for all students and use e-mail as an official medium of communication?
\Yes: Alvernia currently offers institutional e-mail accounts to all students and it is an official medium of communications.

Q: Does the campus provide and support electronic space for personal student Web pages?

Alvernia University does not host personal student Web pages at the present time.

Connecting With Others

Q: Is contact information for students, faculty, and staff readily accessible electronically?

Faculty and staff contact information is easily accessible on the Alvernia University Website. Each department Website provides faculty and staff contact information in detail. Student contact information is accessible in Self-Service only to their associated teachers and administrative staff, but not to other students or to the general public to protect student privacy.

Q: What social activities and services are available online?

Campus activities, community events and services are posted in the university Web calendar of events throughout the year. Major campus events are also published on the university homepage under “News and Events” and updated daily. Additionally, Student Activities, Athletics, Alumni Affairs, and Career Services also maintain their own calendars of events on their Websites.

Q: Are there Web sites for student organizations and clubs?

In addition to the Website for Alvernia student government organization, there are over 30 Websites for various student clubs. The clubs and organizations are responsible for ensuring that the information is up-to-date.

Q: Does the campus make available online discussion forums or bulletin boards for un-moderated use?

There are a variety of Web-based discussion forums for students to get to know each other and collaborate with each other. Before first year students arrive on campus, they can use a Blackboard site to communicate with future classmates via e-mail or the online discussion board. Student clubs also make use of Blackboard discussion forums to facilitate engagement. The IQ.Web system also includes public and private forum functionality.

Q: What technology-supported career-planning services are available for students?

The Alvernia University Career Services Department is a member of the College Central Network which is a job and résumé posting site for our students and alumni. We also subscribe to Focus which is a program designed to help students with career and major decisions. In addition, many Career Services publications along with Job Fair dates and related links to searches are on the department’s website.


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