IT Policies

Internet Use Policy

All computers attached to University Networks must have appropriate software to ensure a secure environment for all users.  University Networks are monitored to ensure compliance with this policy.  Appropriate Software will include:

A legally licensed operating system
IT approved anti-virus software
The most current security patch software for your operating system(s)
Other software as deemed appropriate by IT to ensure a safe and secure network for all students and faculty


Bandwidth consumption is monitored and managed to prevent inappropriate use of university resources.

The use of University Networks is a privilege that may be revoked for inappropriate behavior as outlined in this policy and in the Responsible Use Policy.

The primary purpose of University Networks is to support all students’ educational goals. In support of these goals, the following activities are prohibited. Participating in these activities may result in revocation of Campus Network without refund and possible University judicial action and/or criminal charges.

Setting up a private wired or wireless router or building a private subnet
Setting up any type of server such as web, , e-mail, print, gaming, or FTP, etc., servers
Propagating e-mail chain letters
Forging email
Allowing unauthorized persons access to ResNet
Using the University Admin Network for personal financial gain or personal business activities
Copying or installing University-owned or licensed information or software to another computer without prior written IT approval
Sharing copyrighted files and software over University Networks
Modifying or attempting to modify University-owned or licensed information including software and data
Attempting to damage or disrupt University networking services
Using University networks in the commission of a crime
Using bandwidth intensive applications that may inhibit network function or dilute the level of service to other users

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