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Media Suite Computer Lab Reservations Policy

Policy Number: ACA 22.2.1
Effective Date: 
Last Updated: March 13, 2017


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Alvernia administrators, faculty, staff and students understand the guidelines and procedures for requesting Computer Lab Reservations at the Media Suite.


Alvernia administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Procedures / Guidelines

There are two types of Media Suite Computer Lab Reservations:

• Academic (lessons, training, projects, presentations)
• Non-academic (events, personal)

Priority is given to the Academic type, on a "first to reserve" basis.

In order for faculty, staff or students to reserve the computer lab, a service request must be submitted by the person by going to or sending an email to Please state the reason you are requesting the use of the computer lab and when you need to use it.

Please submit requests more than 48 hours in advance so we can accommodate your request.

You will be contacted when your appointment is scheduled on our calendar.

Note: Individual faculty, staff and students may walk in and use the computer lab during open hours. This only applies to faculty, staff or students who need to use several computers or the whole lab for a group of people.

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