IT Policies

Alvernia University Responsible Use Policy

General Principles

Alvernia University computing and network resources are provided for university students, faculty, and staff for educational and research purposes and to carry out the legitimate business of the university. Commercial and partisan political use of University information technology resources is strictly prohibited.

The ubiquitous and easily accessible presence of information technology requires certain responsibilities expected of each person using university computer facilities. Consistent with the university's mission statement, which envisions members of the Alvernia community becoming “reflective professionals and engaged citizens; and ethical leaders with moral courage,” the user should think about the ethical and social responsibility of his or her use of information technology resources.


The university manages access to its computing resources by requiring that all users identify their accounts with a unique personal user name and password. Each user is responsible for all activities on his or her user name. Misrepresentation and intrusion by means of information technology are serious abuses of the rights of others. Each user will neither attempt to use the network account of another person nor provide access to his or her account to others.

Users are responsible for making use of University computers, networks, and software in accordance with copyright laws and licensing restrictions and applicable university policies. The University expects that each user will:

Obey copyright laws, including the careful and appropriate citation of all references from sources found on the Internet and used in academic work
Use only legal copies of copyrighted software in compliance with vendor license requirements
Not make or use illegal copies of copyrighted materials or software
Not download and/or share music, videos, or any other creative, copyrighted property in violation of federal law

Pornography, hatred, and racism demean the human spirit. The user may not use the University's information technology for, among other things, lewd or indecent behavior, threat of physical harm, sexual or other harassment, or stalking, nor for accessing pornographic, racist, or inflammatory materials for any purpose except honest academic research.

Pictures, sound files, and graphic files tax the capacity of the network due to their size. The University expects that each user will:

Avoid bogging down the network; by not downloading audiovisual files unnecessarily
Restrict printing of pictures and other graphic items to images necessary for work
Print single copies only

The University expects that each user will use e-mail in a responsible manner:

Avoid flooding the system with unnecessary messages or chain letters
Not use the email system to send illegal or inflammatory materials or messages deliberately injurious or threatening to a person or group
Maintain personal email accounts by deleting messages as soon as possible



Access to the computing resources of Alvernia University is granted subject to university policies, and local, state, and federal laws. Employees and students should have no expectation of privacy or ownership with regard to computer usage, email use, and network storage.

The University does not regularly monitor user files, messages or data on its computing systems. However, certain system administrators have access to the full content of user accounts. They may access account contents if a perceived threat to system security or a violation of University policy or local, state, or federal law is discovered or is reasonably suspected.

Policy violations that constitute a breach of the student conduct code or the faculty or employee handbooks will be referred to the appropriate authorities. In addition, violations of the law will also be referred to the civil authorities. University Information Technology staff may take immediate action to abate ongoing interference with, or misuse of, network and system operations, or to ensure system integrity.

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