How To

Plagiarism & Intellectual Property



How to Avoid Plagiarism
An online tutorial by the Paul Robeson Library at Rutgers. It's purpose is to " give students a clear understanding of what is plagiarism using clear language and concrete examples".

InfoSearch Citing Sources
A short Alvernia University Library tutorial on copyright and tips on avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism: The Crime of Intellectual Kidnapping
A plagiarism tutorial from the San Jose State University Library

Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources
Tips on when to cite or quote, and how to paraphrase from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

You Quote It, You Note It
A ten minute tutorial from Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University on why, when and how to cite sources

Citing and Documenting Sources
A tutorial from the University of California, Los Angeles with tips on how to avoid plagiarism and how to cite sources


Intellectual Property

Basics of Intellectual Property
A UCLA Library tutorial on copyright, trademarks and patents

Need A File Share A File
A UCLA Library tutorial about the ethics and legality of file sharing


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