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Alvernia Library Video Guides Video Guide
Videos illustrating how to find information using Alvernia Library resources

APA Exposed
A six module tutorial highlighting the most important aspects of APA guidelines.

Better Searching
A short movie from Ohio State University Libraries illustrating a variety of searching techniques.

Boolean Logic
A primer on Boolean logic illustrating how to use AND. OR, NOT to mprove your search results.

Conducting a Literature Review in the Education & Behavioral Sciences
An Adelphi University Library tutorial with four modules: 1) Understanding the literature review, 2) Identifying sources for the literature review, 3) Finding review and research articles, and 4) Putting it all together.

Five Research Strategies
A ten minute tutorial with five search techniques from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Guide to Library Research
A guide with suggested books and Web sites for writing a paper

How to Read a Scientific Paper
Tips on the organization of a science paper and how to quickly assess the value of a paper.

Information Cycle
A Penn State tutorial on the way information is created and distributed

An Alvernia College Library tutorial on searching, evaluating and citing information sources

Information Timeline
A timeline for selecting the most appropriate information source based on when an event occurred

An Introduction to the Concepts of Online Searching
A University of Illinois at Chicago Library tutorial on using synonyms, AND, and citations

Popular or Scholarly: How to Recognize Scholarly Journals
A comparison of the characteristics of different types of publications

Knowledge Cycle: The Information Process
A University of California Libraries tutorial which addresses how the type of infomation about an event changes over time.

Primary and Secondary Sources
Characteristics that differentiate primary and secondary sources

Search & Write
Search & Write is an on-line course which aims to help students with thesis writing. We will show you a number of different methods you can use to help you get started with writing your thesis and a number of different information search methods.

Talking to Databases
A Kent State tutorial illustrtating how to find information using a library database.

Tutorial for Information Power
An award winning tutorial with modules on investigating a topic, searching for information, evaluating the quality of information and utilizing the information from the University of Wyoming Libraries.


research guides

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