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French in Action
On-demand "video instructional series in French for college and high school classrooms and adult learners" produced in 1987 by Yale University and WGBH Boston with Wellesley College. Features about 50 French lessons, covering greetings, numbers, descriptions, conversation topics, food and drink, travel and  transportation, and other topics. Requires (free) registration. (LII)

Links to information about French speaking countries, music, food and culture.



Centro Virtual Cervantes
Links to Websites related to the Spanish culture and language.

EspanOle! Pagina Principal
Links to resources on the "Spanish language, its literature, AP exams, the Hispanic arts, music, people, history, foods, and lands".

Learn Spanish
A free, online tutorial for learning Spanish. Each lesson includes a cultural lesson both in English and Spanish (many with links to additional resources), practice exercises, and a test. Words in the lessons and the cultural files are linked to sound files so you can hear the correct pronunciation (requires the free Real Player plug-in). There are useful links including a list of Spanish language newspapers and radio stations as well as a list of schools for further study. (LII)

Spanish CALL Project
This searchable site is designed for intermediate and advanced students of the Spanish language. Gramática , written in both English and Spanish, contains Reglas , or the rules for the various parts of grammar; Ejercicios contains print and interactive exercises. Cultura provides links to literature, discussion, Latin American, and other related sites. CALL stands for Computer-Assisted Language Learning. (LII)


English Exercises Online
Designed for students of English as a foreign language, this site provides online lessons and exercises covering vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and dictation. Also features interactive quizzes and exercises. Includes related links for English language learners. Searchable. (LII)
Links to resources for teaching ESL.

ESL PartyLand
This Website has links to quizzes, interactive lessons, and lesson plans.

Topics: An Online Magazine for Learners of English
In this online magazine "learners of English as a second language express their ideas and opinions on topics of interest to them." It features accounts of international foods, festivals, dances, superstitions, proverbs, and more. Also includes a description of class projects from around the world. (LII)

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