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Catholic Encyclopedia
The site of the 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia . There are other Catholic documents to see as well, such as encyclicals, writings of church fathers, and Summa Theologica from St. Thomas Aquinas. This is an excellent site for an introduction to, and study of, the Catholic faith. A well organized and well annotated site. Searchable. (LII)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Provides full-text access to the "most important public domain Christian books for theological study and ministry." A variety of Christian viewpoints and traditions are represented from the earliest writings of the church fathers to the present. Authors include Anselm, Aquinas, Augustine, John Bunyan, John Calvin, G. K. Chesterton, Jonathan Edwards, Julian of Norwich, Charles Finney, Billy Graham, William Law, Martin Luther, C. H. Spurgeon, Teresa of Avila, and John Wesley. Maintained by Harry Plantinga, professor of computer science at Calvin College. (LII)

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources
A collection of annotated sites on "the study of Islam, Qur'an, hadith, the Sunnah, Shi'ism and Heterodox Movements Sufism, Islam in the modern world, militant Islam, jihad, Islamist or extremist Muslims, and terrorism, Islam in Iraq, Muslim women, Islamic art, architecture, music, as well as Islamic history, theology, philosophy, and Arabic and other Islamic languages such as Persian, and religion in general." From a professor of religion at the University of Georgia. (LII)

The Lost Gospel of Judas
Discussion of a restoration project for "an ancient Coptic manuscript dating from the third or fourth century, containing the only known surviving copy of the Gospel of Judas, [which] has been restored and authenticated after being lost for nearly 1,700 years." Includes images of the manuscript, transcription, English translation, articles that provide "a different view of the relationship between Jesus and Judas," photos, timeline, and a map. From the National Geographic Society. (LII)

Online Bibliography Theology and Peace
The online bibliography Theology and Peace contains 148,000 titles subject indexed using descriptors. Literature relevant to research into peace ethics from the individual disciplines of theology and other sciences has been taken into account.

Religious Worlds
Offers information about religious traditions that developed in the Middle East or West Asia as well as others from South and East Asia.

Religious Studies Page
A collection of links on various religionsand religious study. Affiliated with the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Religious Tolerance
The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, a group of four lay volunteers, has as its stated purpose to "disseminate accurate religious information," and "expose religious fraud, hatred and misinformation." Over 500 informative, well-researched and balanced essays discuss 63 religions from Asatru to Zoroastrianism as well as the religious and spiritual aspects of "Hot Topics" from abortion to women in the clergy. While beliefs are not criticized, actions which harm or limit individual freedoms resulting from religious beliefs are censured. (LII)

Unbound Bible
Nearly every version of the Bible is available in many languages at this comprehensive site, including English, Biblical languages, and ancient translations. It is searchable and includes tools such as a Greek lexical parser and a Greek and Hebrew lexicon. Texts and fonts can be downloaded. The site is also available in French and Spanish. (LII)

This Official Vatican Web site includes information on the Holy Father , Roman Curia , News Services , Library/Secret Archives , Vatican City State , and Vatican Museums . There are more than 1,200 Church documents, information on the saints, and more. Holy Father contains varied information (such as biographies, encyclicals, letters, homilies, and speeches) on the last nine popes. Searchable. Available in English and five other languages. (LII)

Virtual Religion Index
An extensive, selective, annotated directory of Internet resources on religion and related topics. From the Rutgers University Religion Department. (LII)

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