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The Alvernia University Montessori School

For more than 40 years the Alvernia Montessori School has had a successful history of preschool and kindergarten education provided by the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters. The program has a reputation of developing the values and spiritual needs of young children, as well as establishing clear and rigorous educational outcomes that enhance student learning and impact long-term behaviors. The school’s success results from a challenging set of student expectations and learning outcomes developed by the teachers, a classroom environment that models respect for all students, and a value system that creates an environment that fosters the fulfillment of each student’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential – as members of a family and community.

Montessori SchoolThe Montessori School has been preparing boys and girls to enter elementary school with a zeal for learning and a level of preparation that places them well beyond their peers. This serves them well not only as they enter elementary school, but it stays with them throughout their school experience. In addition, these young boys and girls are taught of the love of God which forms an important spiritual framework upon which academic success is built.

Young children learn while being guided by teachers. This self-directed education helps students to gain independence, respect for others, competence, and confidence in life choices. Most lessons are given to small groups or individual children while other children are working independently. The school’s philosophy was developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor who devoted her life to educating the children of Rome’s ghettos. She became famous for her visionary methods and founded an educational movement. The Montessori philosophy is contingent on the Multiple Intelligences Theory, in which children do not only learn by reading and writing. The school uses stories, Montessori materials, diverse cultural items, and traditional tools as learning vessels. Montessori students actively participate in planning their time and taking responsibility for their work.

Montessori School

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