First-Year Seminar Lecture with Coach Smallwood


Following a 160 mile walking trip to Washington, D.C., Coach Mark Smallwood, executive director of the Rodale Institute, will speak about “Organic Gardening and Sustainable Food Production” at Alvernia University (7 p.m., on Oct. 30) - for the annual First-Year Seminar Lecture.

It took Coach more than half of October to walk from the institute’s farm in Maxatawny Township to the Department of Agriculture office in Washington, D.C., stopping along the way to speak with farmers and business owners about sustainable gardening.

His mission: to deliver a research paper to the secretary of agriculture and members of Congress, and to lobby for organic agriculture. According to the Rodale Institute’s research, increased use of organic agriculture could significantly decrease greenhouse gases in our planet’s atmosphere by taking carbon out of the air and putting it back into the ground.

Coach Mark Smallwood has been dedicated to promoting organic agriculture, environmental stewardship, efficiency and conservation for more than 30 years. He is a long-time organic farmer and biodynamic gardener, raising chickens, goats, sheep and pigs, and driving his own team of oxen. As Executive Director of Rodale Institute, he has focused his efforts on training a new generation of organic farmers. Coach has expanded research efforts at Rodale Institute to explore the connection between soil, food and health. He brought heritage livestock back to Rodale Institute’s 333-acre farm, created a Honeybee Conservancy to train and steward backyard bee keepers, and launched “Your 2 Cents,” a national campaign to support new organic farmers.

In recognition for his sustainability efforts, Coach was chosen as a messenger for Al Gore’s Climate Project, presenting to over 15,000 people on the effects of Global Warming.


When: Oct. 30, 7 p.m.
Location: Alvernia Physical Education Center
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