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Life is funny. Just ask Jonathan Nied. He’s living out every man’s dream working at one of the nation’s top craft breweries. But it wasn’t that long ago that he was a mere novice when it came to malt beverages.

“When I first started working for the Boston Beer Co., (Sam Adams), I thought all beer was the same,” says Nied who graduated from Alvernia in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in sport management and later earned an accounting degree in 2006. However times have changed.

“A year later, I’ve grown to appreciate all the ingredients that go into making beer.” It’s something that comes with the territory in his role with the country’s leading brewer of handcrafted, full-flavored beers.

Working on the finance and accounting side of the business, Nied has learned a thing or two about malt and hops but more importantly it has allowed him to hone his trade to the next level.

“I absolutely love it,” Nied said. “Accounting is far more than just crunching numbers,” said the native of Tafton, Pike County. “You really need to understand what drives business growth and the related challenges.” Nied started with accounting firms Beard Miller, now Baker Tilly and Faren, Garcia and Garman before switching to cost accounting at AmeriGas and later joining Boston Beer.

It’s a future that was much different than he imagined as a young college student. “Sports were always a big thing for me,” Nied said. “I wanted to play baseball when I grew up. But then I realized I was not going to make it to the pros, even though some of the players I played with did.

“So I went into sport management, and I got a sport-management internship, which I highly recommend. I saw there were no jobs that were decently paying in sport management until you get into the upper echelons.” The internship was a reality check.

For Nied the accounting “light” went on when he overheard roommate Steven Koons tutoring a student. “I know that answer,” Nied said after answering accounting questions meant for the student. “That clicked. That’s how I got into accounting.”

In every move, Nied has fallen back on the strength he found in professors Drs. Scott Ballantyne and Tufan Tiglioglu.

“They have been invaluable to me,” Nied said. “The people who taught you, know you the most, know your struggles and try to lead you to make your weaknesses seem not that big.”

Jonathan and wife Jennifer Nied M’11, a human-resources analyst for Penn National Gaming, balance full careers while raising daughters Samantha, 2, and Madison, 7 months old.

And unlike many, this busy couple has learned to juggle family life with professional demands, and even savor the occasions when Jonathan has to bring his work home with him. Nostrovia!

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