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Peggy C. Bowen-Hartung, Ph.D., C.T.S.

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Chair, Psychology & Counseling Department
Chair, Institutional Review Board


Forensic Psychology
Crisis Management
Mental Health concerns
Trauma issues
Research and Evaluation
Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice

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As a very young woman, Peggy Bowen-Hartung, Ph.D., CTS, recognized the importance of education. She left her home on an Osage Indian reservation in Oklahoma to attend Stanford University. She later moved to Texas, earning her doctorate in educational psychology from Texas A&M, where she also became a teacher.

After a 1967 law was passed in Texas requiring police officers to undergo psychological evaluations, Dr. Bowen-Hartung realized the close connection between psychology and criminal justice. She became a law enforcement instructor at Texas A&M and was the first woman in the state of Texas to be named to a special weapons unit.

Bowen-Hartung has served as a licensed psychologist in the states of Oklahoma and Texas, as well as a certified trauma specialist. In fact, her unique background has made her a valuable asset to the American Red Cross, which has called on the mental health specialist to treat first responders—world-wide—after hurricanes, typhoons, and other natural disasters. Bowen-Hartung was at ground zero after September 11, 2001, and has been to all 50 states and Canada, as well as every country in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Locally, Bowen-Hartung is involved in both the Anti-Gang Initiative and the Public Safety Advisory Committee for the City of Reading. She serves on the National Institute of Health Review Board, as well as being actively involved in various criminal justice and psychology associations across the nation.

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Img: Peggy Bowen

Peggy C. Bowen-Hartung, Ph.D., C.T.S.
Associate Professor
Psychology & Counseling Department Chair

   Upland Center, Room 126c

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