PH: Kathleen Muzevich

Kathleen Muzevich, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education


Current issues in education
Reading/language arts instruction
Early childhood writing assessment


Dr. Kathleen Muzevich teaches reading and language arts methods courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Alvernia University. Before becoming a professor, she taught at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels and held various administrative positions, including assistant principal, elementary principal, reading supervisor, and assistant superintendent, during her 28 years in the Pennsylvania public school system. She does private consulting and regularly presents at local, state, and national conferences. Several of her articles on literacy topics have been published in Reading Today and The Reading Teacher.

Muzevich believes in the importance of assessing children to determine what teaching steps should be engaged in next to maximize every minute of classroom instruction. In her groundbreaking book, Evaluating Children's Emergent Writing: An Assessment Tool for Early Childhood Educators, Muzevich provides kindergarten and first grade teachers with a tool that reliably helps them assess the development of their young students’ writing progress. Her ideas for assessing writing come from her own practical experiences working with teachers and children and have been informed by her extensive research into emergent writing processes. In her book, she describes in detail how children’s writing emerges. She then focuses on seven essential components, or domains, of emergent writing (letter formation, capitalization, punctuation, spacing, spelling, style, and content) and how to assess them. 

Dr. Muzevich offers in-depth look at Evaluating Children's Emergent Writing

Contact Information

Kathleen Muzevich
Kathleen Muzevich, Ed.D.
First Year Seminar Director

     Francis Hall
     Room 218A
     Phone: 610-796-3001

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