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A. Janae Sholtz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Sholtz will be a lecturer for the National Coordinating Institute, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, Dec. 8-13, 2017. The international course is titled “Technology, Urban Space and Culture: Emerging Paradigms for the global India,” under the Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN).

Mark Kaufman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Kaufman delivered a paper titled “Death by Tolstoy: Ian Fleming, From Russia with Love, and the Cultural Cold War” at the 89th South Atlantic Modern Language Association Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, on November 3, 2017.

Bongrae Seok, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok published his paper "Neuroaesthetics of Musical Pleasure: Purposeful Purposelessness of Musical Chills" in the Proceedings of ICA [International Congress of Aesthetics]: Aesthetics of Mass Culture. In this paper, he discussed and analyzed musical excitement such as musical chills from the perspective of neuroaesthetics.

Photo: Janae SholtzA. Janae Sholtz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Sholtz is serving on an editorial board for a new book series dedicated to Artistic Research, published by Rowman & Littlefield International. The series, expected to launch in November, will address general and more specific fields of artistic activity from a practical perspective, offering extended primers intended for students, docs and postdocs, but also for early-career researchers, who will find in them methodologies, strategies, and best-practice examples. Mostly authored or edited by practitioners, up to 15 volumes in the series will extend disciplinary discourses, reaching out to a wider community of researchers.

Bongrae Seok, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok published an article "David Wong’s Interpretation of Confucian Moral Psychology" in Dao, A Journal of Comparative Philosophy. In this article, he critically analyzes David Wong's interpretation of Confucian metaphors on the basis of his theory of warm cognition. The article is posted at http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11712-017-9578-2

Bongrae Seok, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Bongrae Seok published an article "Moral Agency, Autonomy, and Heteronomy in Early Confucian Philosophy" in the journal Philosophy Compass. The article discusses the Confucian notion of moral agency (i.e., communal agency) that is different from Western notions of autonomy and heteronomy.

photo: Ann Kriebel-GasparroAnn Kriebel-Gasparro, DrNP, MSN, FNP-BC, GNP-BC
Assistant Professor, Director DNP Program
Dr. Kriebel-Gasparro was named the President of the Liberty (Pennsylvania) Chapter of the Gerontological Advanced Nurses Association (GAPNA); a select group of APN's advancing the practice of gerontological nursing. The mission is to promote excellence in advanced practice nursing that enhances the well-being of older adults.

Diane Kraft, MS, RDN, LDN

Nutrition Instructor
Diane Kraft was awarded an American Library Association Outstanding Academic Title Award for 2016. Out of approximately 485 academic titles published last year, Kraft's "A-Z Guide to Food As Medicine" was the only nutrition book to receive an award from American Library Association (as printed in their publication, Choice Magazine).

Photo: KaufmanMark Kaufman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Kaufman presented a paper titled "Where No Book Has Gone Before: James Joyce, Star Trek, and the Future of Letters" at the North American James Joyce Conference at the University of Toronto in June 2017.

Mark Kaufman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Kaufman's essay, "Woolf and Whistleblowing: From World War I to WikiLeaks," was published in the Spring 2017 Virginia Woolf Miscellany (issue #91).

Photo: Caroline FitzpatrickCaroline Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communications & English
Dr. Fitzpatrick presented a paper, "An Online Project Case Study: Writing Digital Profile Summaries," at the World Conference on Educational Media & Technology (EdMedia, June 2017), Washington, D.C. The paper was selected for publication in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

Caroline Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communications and English
Dr. Fitzpatrick served as a judge (Spring 2017) for finalists of the highly selective Penguin Group Publishing (USA) Internship Program co-sponsored by the International English Honor Society. The paid summer internship opportunity is available from Penguin Random House to provide an undergraduate student with experience in the publishing industry.

Photo: Bongrae SeokBongrae Seok, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok gave a presentation “Early Confucian Philosophy and Embodied Moral Cognition” for a class at the Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland, May 30. He discussed how the Confucian moral mind can be understood from the neuroscientific viewpoint of empathic nociception.

Bongrae Seok, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok presented his paper "Embodied Cognition meets Wang Yangming’s Organismic Neo-Confucianism:
Frisina’s “Organicism and Pursuit of an Embodied Theory of Mind” at the Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy, May, 5, 2017. He discussed how embodied approach to cognition relates to Wang Yangming's Neo-Confucianism.

Bongrae Seok, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok’s new book “Moral Psychology of Confucian Shame" was reviewed and interviewed by Dr. Carrie Figdor, a co-host of the podcast channel, New Books in Philosophy on April 18, 2017. The review/interview will be posted on New Books Network.

Image: Vera BrancatoDr. Vera Brancato, Ed.D, MSN, RN, CNE
Professor of Nursing
The Pennsylvania League for Nursing (Area II) recently announced that it has named a new annual scholarship for a student in a graduate-level nursing program in honor of Dr. Vera Brancato: the "Vera Brancato Nursing Education Award". Brancato's work as an academic reviewer and textbook contributor has helped advance nursing education over the past 35 years, and her on-going work in interdisciplinary research, education, and healthcare practice are on the forward edge of changes in higher education. She served for two years as president of the Pennsylvania League for Nursing, and is a current board member of the PA State Nurses Association. She has mentored and coached many nurses and nurse educators over the course of her distinguished career.

Photo: Dr. Bongrae SeokBongrae Seok, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok presented his two papers, “Neo-Confucian Criticism of Buddhism: A philosophical and linguistic analysis of Jeong Do Jeon’s criticism of Buddhism” and "Cognitive and Developmental Interpretation of Confucian Ritual and Music: Xunzi’s Philosophy of Moral and Aesthetic Pleasure” at the American Philosophical Association's annual conference, Pacific Division (Seattle, April 2017). For the first paper, he discussed Neo-Confucian criticism of Buddhism from the perspective of analyticity of Chinese language. When presenting the second paper, he analyzed cognitive and developmental dimensions of Confucian ritual and music.

Kevin Donnelly, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Professor Donnelly will discuss the international events that brought the US into the "War to End All Wars" for a Combined Veterans Council of Berks County ceremony, on the 100th Anniversary of WWI, scheduled for Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Ann Kriebel-Gasparro, DrNP
Assistant Professor, Director, DNP Program
Dr. Kriebel-Gasparro will present a poster at the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty Conference in Washington, DC, in April, titled "Outcomes of the DNP" the results of a survey and focus group.

Bongrae Seok, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok gave his presentation “Earworm and Embodied Musical Imagery” at the Tenth Annual Geo-aesthetics Conference, Towson University (Baltimore, March 17, 2017). He analyzed the repetitive involuntary memory of earworm from the perspective of embodied motor imagery created by the phonological loop in the human auditory short term memory.

Ryan Lange, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication
"Ready Player One: Using Science Fiction to Teach Communication Technology Theory – A Freedom to Learn from Fiction." Panel presentation with Dr. Jaime Banks, Dr. Cheryl Campanella Bracken, Dr. Edward Downs and Dr. Ryan Lange at the 108th Eastern Communication Association Conference, Boston, Mass., March 29 - April 2, 2017.

Image: Radosh book coverJodi Radosh Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communications
Co-author of "Shoot, Edit, Share" — an interactive, accessible introduction to video production techniques, concepts, and terminology. Covering preproduction, production, editing in post, and distribution, this book shows you how to produce video quickly and effectively for a range of clients, from commercial firms to community service organizations.

John Fidler, A.M.
Instructor of English/Communications
Fidler presented a pair of lectures on John Updike's "The Poorhouse Fair" for Alvernia's Seniors College, Jan. 31 and Feb. 7, at The Highlands at Wyomissing.

Spencer Stober, Ed.D.
Professor of Biology
Professor Spencer S. Stober presented “The UN 2030 Agenda. To Sustain or Not to Sustain: Is that Humanity’s Predicament?” at the 13th International Conference on Sustainability at the Social Sustainability Biomass and Water Management Research Center; Fluminense Federal University, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 20, 2017.

Ray Melcher
Instructor of Business
Ray Melcher, President and Owner of Marathon Captial Advisors was recognized with the Gold Victory Award as the ninth highest individual producer world-wide.

Image: Lawrick book coverElena Lawrick, Ph.D.
Director of Multilingual Support Services, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Lawrick authored two chapters in the book Russian English: History, Functions, and Features. Cambridge University Press describes the book as a "fascinating" and "engaging" collection of sociolinguistic studies that explore a multifaceted presence of English in Russia.

Ryan Lange, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Communication
Lange, R., Bracken, C. C., & Yang, H. (2016, November). Image quality, habitual viewing and telepresence. Poster presented at the 102nd Annual National Communication Association Conference, Philadelphia, Pa.

Photo: SeokBongrae Seok, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok offered two presentation and a paper at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting (Jan. 2017). Presentation: "David Wong’s Interpretation of Confucian Moral Psychology" analyzed metaphors of Confucian self-cultivation and discussed their relevance to system 1 and system 2 cognition proposed by Stanovich and Kahneman. Presentation "Xunzi’s Epistemological and Moral Psychological Theory of Xin: Xin as a Meta-Faculty" analyzed Chinese philosopher Xunzi's theory of mind and knowledge: knowledge at the meta-faculty processes is the key to moral transformation. And paper "Moral Autonomy, Heteronomy, and Communonomy in Early Confucian Philosophy" surveyed different forms of moral agency and explained that moral communonomy is a good model of Confucian moral agency.

Bongrae Seok, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Seok published a book "Moral Psychology of Confucian Shame" (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017). In this book, he analyzes shame from the perspective of moral psychology. By using textual sources, cultural psychology, and techniques of digital humanities he explains that shame is an important moral emotion in Confucianism.

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