Freshman Year Squad Goals

The Freshman Year Experience - Squad Goals, is a component of the FYE program for the spring of 2017. Freshmen will have the opportunity to engage in different events from different categories that will provide them additional ways to connect with the Alvernia community and enhance their student experience. There are opportunities to win prizes by completing individual categories, as well as being entered into a larger prize for completing all categories. Attendance will be tracked using ID scanners, and each student’s overall participation will be tracked through our PAX (Promoting Alvernia eXperiences) student engagement portal.


#Blessed: Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice Events 

#Blessed events are meant to engage our students in our Franciscan heritage, core value of service, and challenge our students to immerse themselves in the diversities and inequalities in our society though discussions of social justice teachings which are foundational to our Catholic hertiage.


#FOMO-Fear of Missing Out: Entertainment & Arts Events

#FOMO events are meant to engage our students in campus events or our Arts & Culture series to connect students to our campus and the many different social & entertainment events available to them throughout the semester. 

#IRL-In Real Life: Career & Real World Learning Events

#IRL events are meant to take learning a step further outside the classroom and prepare our students to begin to engage in real world experiences or to think about their future career plans through participation in different events. 


#Selfie: Self-Care & Wellness Events

 #Selfie events are meant to engage students in ideas of personal care, health, mental health, and personal wellness and how self maintenance is an important life skill they will need to develop for the future. 

#YOLO-You Only Learn Once: Intellectual & Academic Events

#YOLO events are events that promote our students to take the learning they experience in the classroom to an event outside the classroom. It is supplemental or continues classroom learning in a new campus setting. 

To learn more about our Squad Goal Events, visit PAX-Promoting Alvernia eXperiences.

For more information on the Freshman Year Experience (FYE) Squad Goals Incentive program, please visit the Office of Student Activities, Office of Residence Life, or Office of the Vice President of University Life & Dean of Students. 

Visit the PAX-Promoting Alvernia eXperiences portal to learn more about campus involvement and activities (click on the logo above).

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