Public Safety

Emergency Guidelines and Procedures

It is important to read and become familiar with the information contained in this PDF. You will need to review it periodically so that you are able to react to emergency situations in an appropriate and timely manner.

These emergency guidelines are based on a realistic approach to the problems likely to be encountered on the Alvernia University campus during an emergency. An emergency may occur at any time of the day or night, on a weekend or holiday, and with little or no warning. The sequence of events during an emergency are not predictable, so this plan will serve only as guidance and may require flexibility in order to respond appropriately to the emergency.

Chances are you will never encounter an emergency situation here at Alvernia University. There may, however, be a medical scenario, an accident or other situation that you may be faced with. If you are present during an emergency, don’t hamper the efforts of medical, fire, police, or other emergency personnel. If you cannot assist with the emergency response, please get out of the way.

These guidelines and procedures apply to all students, faculty, staff, visitors, and property of Alvernia University.

Download the full Emergency Guidelines and Procedures PDF (Updated: 1/2018)

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public safety

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