Residence Life

Housing Policies...

All residence hall floors and rooms are Smoke-Free. Smoking is NOT permitted in hallways, lounges, rooms, outside in front of residence halls, or public areas.

Identification Card
Each student is issued an Alvernia University photo ID card that must be carried at all times. Your ID card is also needed for food service.

Each resident student is issued a room and mailbox key. Students are responsible for their keys and therefore should not duplicate or lend out keys at any time. There is a fee for key replacement. Lost keys must be reported to the Office of Residence Life within 24 hours.


One microwave only is permitted per room in the residence halls. Power requirements may not exceed 12 volts/10 amps. Due to power limitations, microwaves are not permitted in individual bedrooms of Assisi or Siena townhouses.

One refrigerator only is permitted per room in the residence halls and townhouses. Size can not exceed 3.6 cubic feet and power requirements may not exceed 120 volts/10 amps. Assisi Hall, Siena Hall, and Judge Hall each contain a full-size refrigerator per townhouse.


Roomate Relationships...

Things to Discuss with your Roommate(s)/Suitemates ahead of time:
Sleeping Habits
Favorite Memory
Embarassing Moments
Class Schedule
The Cable Bill
Taking Messages
Favorite Trip
Cleaning Duties
Pet Peeves
Favorite Movies
Privacy Concerns
Social Habits
Things you'll share
Things you won't

Roommates need not become best friends in order to live comfortably and considerately with each other.


What to Bring...

Some Suggestions

Pillows, comforter, extra-long sheets
Towels, washcloths
Laundry bag/basket & Laundry supplies
Small stereo or radio
Alarm clock
Dictionary, Thesaurus
First aid kit
Extension cord/Surge protector
Desk lamp
Eating utensils, Tupperware, bowls, cups
Pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters
 White-out, notebooks, book bag, folders
Stapler, scissors
Cleaning supplies
Flashlight, batteries
Shower slippers, shower caddy, bathrobe
Toiletries, hygiene supplies
Trash can
Under-the-bed boxes
Erasable message board
Storage crates
Can opener

What Not to Bring...

To insure the safety & security of all residence, the following items are not permitted:
Halogen bulbs and/or lamps
Pets (other than fish)
Candles and incense
Appliances with open heat elements (hot plates, toasters, space heaters, etc.)
A large/loud stero system can bother your neighbors or get you into trouble with quiet hours


Tips for Move-In Day...

Where do we park while unloading?
There will be short term parking near the entrances to your hall. Please use that space just while unloading. We suggest that you unload everything onto the curb, then move your car to long-term parking.

Have one person stay with your personal belongings while you and another family member or a friend carry your stuff to your room. Don't worry, there will be people there to help with unloading, carrying and traffic flow.

What should we bring to make the move easier?
A dolly is handy for moving heavy items. Several lighter boxes will be easier than fewer heavier boxes.

Which halls have elevators?
Clare, Anthony, Judge, and Veronica Halls have a passenger elevator. Assisi and Siena townhouses and Francis Hall do NOT have an elevator.

Is there storage available?
There is no storage. It is strongly encourages that you send unneeded suitcases, boxes, and trunks home.

Questions? Contact the Residence Life Office at (610) 796-8320

Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
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Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
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Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
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