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Veronica Hall

Veronica Hall

Built in 1965 and newly renovated, Veronica Hall is a traditional residence hall with double and several triple rooms housing approximately 135 students. Veronica Hall is a single-sex by wing. Veronica Hall is a three-story corridor style building with an elevator, air conditioning, and technology/phone access for each student. Veronica Hall is home to the residential system's Information Desk, the Office of Residence Life, the Health and Wellness Center, and Holy Savior Chapel.

Each wing has its own community bathroom. Each student is provided with a bed, dresser, closet or wardrobe, desk, and chair.

Veronica Hall offers:
snack and soda machines
a laundry room
mail room

Things to know about living in Veronica:

Air Conditioning: Each room is furnished with heating and air conditioning that can be controlled by the residents.

Window Treatments: All windows have internal mini blinds.  There are two windows, therefore two tension rods are needed for hanging curtains.  Curtains would need to be 32” wide x 61” long.

Carpeting: Residents must supply their own carpet.  Two carpets 10’ x 5’ carpets will cover the tile floor.

Sheets: Mattresses are extra long twin.

Appliances: One phone and internet jack is available per resident.  Each room is allowed one microwave, one small refrigerator, and one coffee pot with automatic shut-off.

Bathroom: Community bathrooms with 2 shower and toilet stalls are in each wing.  Cleaning services are provided.

Furniture: Each resident will have one adjustable bed, desk, desk chair and wardrobe. See dimensions of some furniture below.

Elevator: Buildings is equipped with an elevator.

Triples: One room in each wing is a designated triple.  This room is larger in size to accommodate three residents.


Furniture Dimensions at A Glance:

Wardrobe: Each room is given a wardrobe to use as a closet. There are two types of wardrobes used in the building: (1) with a bottom drawer and (2) without a bottom drawer. Each type has a different dimensions.

(1) 58.5” high x 34” wide & 21.5” deep

(2) 73” high x 28” wide & 21.5” deep

Bed: 30” maximum height of adjustable bed



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