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Alvernia Health Requirements

The Health & Wellness Center provides healthcare and counseling services to our students, as well as maintains health records for undergraduate and graduate health requirements as listed by the University and/or departments.  All degree and certificate seeking students are required to complete the health requirements listed below.  Please visit Alvernia's Student Health Portal to complete your forms.  The Alvernia Student Health Portal username and password are the same as your Alvernia email username and password.  If logon assistance is needed, please contact the Service Desk at 610-927-2008 or  If you would like to print these requirements, please click here.

Visit the Alvernia Student Health Portal to complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the Alvernia Medical History form
  • Complete the Alvernia Immunization form and upload a copy of your immunization record from your healthcare provider
  • Complete the Alvernia Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire
    • Only if required after completing the Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire, complete the TB Risk Assessment.
Deadlines for Health Requirements
Incoming Freshmen
Fall Enrollment - Connection Day
Spring Enrollment - January 1st

Transfer Students Fall Enrollment - August 1st
Spring Enrollment - January 1st
Fall Enrollment - August 1st
Spring Enrollment - January 1st
Summer Enrollment - May 1st
MOD Enrollment - by the end of Add/Drop period

Health Insurance Requirements

The University also requires all degree and certificate seeking students to maintain health insurance coverage and requires an annual copy of each student's current insurance card.  If you are in need of health insurance, the University offers a medical plan to its students, and will automatically enroll you if you do not complete the waiver form.  All students MUST waive the insurance if they currently have health insurance and do not want coverage through the University.  This may be done through the student health portal after June 1st and before the end of the Add/Drop period for the applicable semester/mod to avoid being billed for the student health insurance plan automatically.  This must be done one time per academic calendar year. For questions regarding the Student Health Insurance, please contact the Office of Student Accounts via email, or phone, 610-796-8319.

Visit the Alvernia Student Health Portal to complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the Student Health Insurance Waiver form for the current academic year
  • Upload a copy of your current health insurance card in the Document Upload feature in the portal

Deadlines for Health Insurance Requirements
Fall Enrollment
Last day to Add/Drop for the fall semester

MOD 2 Enrollment Last day to Add/Drop for MOD 2
Spring Enrollment
Last day to Add/Drop for the spring semester

MOD 3 Enrollment Last day to Add/Drop for MOD 3
Summer Enrollment
Last day to Add/Drop for the summer semester

MOD 6 Enrollment Last day to Add/Drop for MOD 6

Off-Campus Educational Experiences

Many programs of study at Alvernia University have opportunities or requirements to participate in off-campus educational experiences as upperclassmen.  These off-campus experiences may require additional health information to be kept on file in the Health & Wellness Center.  For example, a Physical Exam form completed by your healthcare provider or tuberculosis skin testing prior to participating in any off-campus educational experience (clinical, fieldwork, internship, etc.).  Please be sure to contact the Health & Wellness Center to discuss any additional health requirements mandated by your internship site or program of study when you enroll in an internship/educational experience class, 610-568-1467.

Documents and Forms:


The Health & Wellness Center follows FERPA and HIPAA regulations regarding the confidentiality of your medical record.

  • If you would like for us to communicate freely with your parents/guardians, please fill out a  parental release of information and give it to a Health & Wellness Center staff member to keep on file with your medical records. This release of information may be revoked if you decide that you no longer want information to be shared with your parents/guardians.
  • If you require your medical records to be released to another party, we will be glad to do so, but we do require a release of medical records be filled out. Please be sure that this form includes the name and address to whom you would like your records sent, as well as, the date, your name, signature, and date of birth.
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