Registrar's Office

ADA Services and Accommodations

Students with documented physical and learning disabilities must contact the ADA Coordinator with copies of their official documentation to secure the services and accommodations specified by their evaluating professional.

Documents must be current, including test results. Copies of documents will be retained in the office and kept confidential. Requests for services/accommodations will be relayed to faculty on a need-to-know basis at the beginning of every semester. Letters will be prepared for each professor and given to the professor by the student each semester.


Self disclosure is required. Students' records from high school do not precede students into higher education.

Reasonable services and accommodations include, but are not limited to, extended time for testing and assignments, testing in a sequestered site outside the classroom, use of tape recorders, and preferential seating in the classroom.

Download FERPA Guidelines

Disability Services Coordinator
BH 105-C

registrar's office

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