Freshman Foundations

About Preparing for Exams

In high school, studying for tests usually involves “reading over notes,” or spending a couple of hours the night before reading a review sheet they were given by their teacher.

In college, students should view every homework assignment, every lecture, every reading of every chapter, as exam preparation. That is, exam preparation is continuous and ongoing; it is not something that happens the night before the test. What does that mean, exactly?  Students should expect that they will be tested on what they were assigned for homework. So, doing homework should not be regarded as something to “finish,” but as test preparation. Students should expect that they will be tested in some way on material covered in the chapter of the books they have been assigned to read. Students should read those chapters, not as if they are a chore to complete but as a time spent preparing for the test that will eventually come on that material.

freshman foundations

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