Freshman Foundations

About Using Resources

One of the biggest differences between high school and college is how many resources are available on college campuses to help students learn and succeed. At Alvernia tutoring services are widely available and are free of charge. But students are expected to seek out the help they need.

We find that many students are actually reluctant to use these resources. They may prefer to do things on their own, they may not fully realize they need help, they may feel embarrassed, and/or they may not know how to ask for help.

Academic Advisor
An academic advisor is the student’s best advocate and source of guidance. Whatever issue a student is having, academic or personal, the best first place to go is to his or her advisor. Students in the Freshman Foundations Program are advised by the Program Director, Wanda Copeland. Students are required to meet weekly with their advisor, so there should be ample opportunity for any student to talk with her.


Learning Center
Students who need help understanding material for a class or classes should never hesitate to come to the Learning Center. The Learning Center is a great learning environment. Students from all abilities use the Learning Center for a variety of reasons.

Often students understand what they are learning in class but find that their methods of study for exams are not producing good results.

Counseling Center
Students experience stress for any number of reasons: missing home, adjusting to a heavy workload, living with roommates, not knowing what to major in, worrying about finances, etc. The Counseling Center offers students a place to talk about issues that are stressful and learn some techniques for managing stress. Services are free.


Career Development Office
Selecting the right major is the first step in career development. It’s not at all uncommon for students who start college having decided on a major to experience doubt about that choice. Sometimes students find a major is too difficult or requires study in an academic area that they don’t particularly like. Students who think they might be in the wrong major or who might be interested in finding out about other majors at Alvernia should see a staff member in the Career Development Office.

freshman foundations

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